If you would like to begin stocking The Scribe at your place of business, please reach out to us over email. As a reminder:

  • All copies of The Scribe are 100% FREE and are given to the community at no cost. You may NEVER sell copies for money. Each copy also has print near the header that states the paper is free.
  • There is NO CHARGE for stocking The Scribe at your business, all logistics and cost are the sole responsibility of Apollo Press.
  • Each month, 30 copies will arrive within the first week. If you would like more or less, please let us know.
  • If you run out of copies or have leftovers, send us an email or recycle the remainders.
  • You may cancel stocking at any time for any reason by your request.
  • If you did not receive copies this month, or have other issues, please contact us.

Stock The Scribe ([email protected])

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